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Meet Our Coaches

Our Thundrbro coaches have extensive backgrounds and experience when it comes to the realm of nutrition. With their own stories and challenges, they will share their struggles and triumphs to help you navigate your own journey. Read below to learn about our coaches to help you find the best fit for your Thundrbro Nutrition Coaching.

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Dave Lipson is an accomplished coach, athlete, writer and founder of Thundrbro. He is a former professional baseball player, CrossFit athlete with multiple appearances as an individual at the CrossFit Games, and NPC Nationally qualified bodybuilder in heavyweight bodybuilding, classic physique and physique. He has won overalls of shows in all mens categories. Dave is an accomplished educator specializing in exercise physiology. He has written 4 books on the science of muscle hypertrophy and the training/nutrition protocols for blending aesthetics with elite human performance. His specialties include strategies for muscle and strength gain as well as cutting body fat and recomposition.


Samantha Carlstrom is a brosephina, mother of 3, and military spouse. With a background in nursing and nutrition coaching, Sam understands how to help clients navigate any obstacles life throws at them, while continuing to push them to reach their goals. When not working out or taking care of others, Sam enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, hiking, and relaxing near the water.  

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Throughout her years as a varsity sports player, living an active lifestyle has always been very important to Hannah. In 2017 after finding CrossFit, health and wellness also became a main priority in her life. 

As a CrossFit Level 1 and Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, Hannah has been helping clients not only perform their best, but feel better about their appearance and learn maintainable health habits.

Hannah has a lot of experience for those with busy schedules and those trying to balance fitness and academics . In her free time she enjoys hiking, traveling, and competing in local CrossFit events.

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