Muscle Mania

What is this?

This challenge is built to get you jacked! You will get the blueprint to no-nonsense results, learn the science behind our training programs, and get the best LIVE coaching and support to crush every goal you've ever dreamed of! Spots are VERY limited, so sign up today!

What's included for joining

  • The 30-Day "Muscle Mania" Program - this program is a roadmap to adding size and strength without adding unnecessary body fat. No guesswork – we have mapped out your workouts, how you should eat, and how you should recover. All of this is backed by SCIENCE - no magic tricks and BS, just GAINS.
  • Unlimited LIVE Support - you are not going at it alone in this challenge. You will be joining our PRIVATE Facebook group for support, get weekly check-ins and coaching, and have access to us for anything you need.
  • PRIZES & THUNDRGEAR - one winner with the most gains will win $500 CASH, plus EVERYONE has the chance to win awesome gear. GET JACKED, LOOK AWESOME, WIN MONEY!
  • FREE access to MUSCLE MANIA track on SugarWod & more - all participants will have access to our program MUSCLE MANIA. This program was designed specifically to maximize MUSCLE GAINS plus you get EXCLUSIVE discounts to all Thundrbro gear and programs.
  • Learn how to create your own macros and how to strategically modify them based on your body & goals.

What are you waiting for?!

Join the MUSCLE MANIA Challenge and start getting JACKED already!!