What is this?

This program is for anyone looking to "tighten up" and lose body fat. Young or old, experienced or novice, Thundrcutz clearly and simply defines a path to get ripped. Having said that, the intensity of the program is infinitely scalable. The main training goal is to increase your training frequency regardless of the weight on the bar. All we are doing here is increasing training (activity) output while decreasing fuel.


  • Is our most in-depth program to date and exactly what Dave followed on his road to qualifying or Nationals. No guesswork - we've mapped out your workouts, how you should eat, and how you should recover. All of this is backed by SCIENCE - no magic tricks and BS, just GAINS.
  • This is designed to get you ripped - you'll get the blueprint to no-nonsense results, learn the science behind our training programs, and get a full nutrition protocol.


The adaptation process is never a comfortable one. You may experience being a little hungry, a little tired and a bit cranky. This all part of the journey. We provide guidance and strategies to make this as comfortable as possible and more importantly a sustainable program you can complete.

You should expect to be getting leaner. Consider this a slow ascent to a distant horizon. A good healthy goal is to lose 1lb per week and a reduction in body fat. You will track this by watching weight on scale, how your clothes are fitting and how you look in the mirror. While results may vary, grade yourself based on your entry point, where you started and where you finish. Pain is temporary, but a picture of you wiht washboard abs is forever!

What are you waiting for?!

Join the Thundrcutz Challenge and start getting RIPPED already!!