Affiliate Anarchy

Affiliate Anarchy

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So you’re interested in taking your affiliate to the next level?

But what is this Affiliate Anarchy and what does it mean to become a Thundbro Affiliate?

Affiliate Anarchy is a 60min, class friendly version of our core program, Muscle Anarchy. The program combines advanced muscle-building strategies and techniques in a class format that is designed for coachability and an exciting new way to train for your athletes. Not to mention, it’s great for partnering up and bringing your class together!

We’re sure that your athletes will embrace the challenge Affiliate Anarchy offers and will welcome what results of their hard work. For $199/month, you will become a Thundrbo Affiliate which means you will get:

  • Access to both Affiliate Anarchy and Muscle Anarchy
  • Private Facebook group for you and your coaching staff
  • Personalized discount code for Thundrbro for your members in which you will receive commissions
  • Monthly group call with the Thundrbro Team
  • Thundrbro gym flag to fly and represent!
  • More perks coming soon!

Being a Thundrbo Affiliate means your athletes get to show off their hard-earned gains and still be fit and functional too.

Are you ready to bring the Thundr?