Thundrbro Training Camp | North Carolina | Mar 7, 2020

Thundrbro Training Camp | North Carolina | Mar 7, 2020

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Sat, March 7th, 2020
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

CrossFit Briercreek
201 Kitty Hawk Dr
Morrisville, NC 27560

Congratulations bro's and brosephinas, you just stumbled on the best training experience of your life! The Thundrbro Training Camp is a complete day of awesomeness full of learning, training, nutrition and bro-ing out!

Dave Lipson, Andrew Charlesworth and the Thundrbro team will take you through the science of muscle hypertrophy, training mechanisms that drive muscle growth, all of Thundrbro training modules and methods, how to blend hypertrophy with CrossFit and functional fitness, different training strategies, principals, formulas and nutrition protocols to get you HUGE!!

Then you will get to put the methods into practice during practical training evolutions and workouts. In addition to that, everyone will receive a copy of all the Thundrbro Training programs and E-books including "Hypertrophy For Functional Fitness", "The 90 Day Get Huge Program" and "100 Ten minute Hypertrophy Finishers that Crush!"

One more time at the Thundrbro Hypertrophy Camp you get.....

-3 lectures covering hypertrophy training, nutrition, and programming for muscle hypertrophy

-2 Epic trainer led training breakouts where you get to put the methods into practice and Get Huge!

-Question and Answer session with Dave Lipson