Tactical Anarchy



Missing your days of service where you were built to handle anything? Maybe you want to build mission critical muscle, run faster, be more fit, and look like an action hero all at the same time. That is where Tactical Anarchy comes in.

Tactical Anarchy was created with active duty members of our armed forces for those currently serving, or looking to serve. Perfect for Military Operators, Police Officers, and Fire service personnel Tactical Anarchy is for athletes looking for a killer hypertrophy program that helps build muscle, look great, and perform at the highest level.

Thundrbro Tactical Anarchy bridges the gap not only between performance and aesthetics but can easily be used in perfect harmony with other fitness programs like CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Endurance Training. 

We've helped thousands of dedicated bro's and brosephina's reclaim their thunder. Sign-up for Tactical Anarchy and rediscover yours.


  • Military and First Responders looking to ace their PT test & perform at the highest level
  • Athletes looking to enhance their bodies while maintaining athletic performance
  • Athletes with injuries looking to rebuild on a foundation of muscle
  • Athletes looking to blend serious hypertrophy training with functional fitness
  • All ability levels