Thundrbro / Alpha Babe Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Thundrbro / Alpha Babe community. Our goal is
to foster a positive, supportive, and engaging environment for all members. By
participating in our programs and engaging with our community, you agree to
adhere to the following guidelines.

General Guidelines

  1. Stay Positive: Encourage and uplift each other. Share your progress, celebrate victories, and provide support when others need it.
  2. Respectful Communication: Treat all members with respect and kindness. Disrespectful, abusive, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. Constructive Feedback: Offer constructive feedback rather than criticism. Aim to help others grow and improve.
  4. Respect Privacy: Respect the privacy of others. Do not share personal information without consent.

Reaching Out for Help

  1. Support Team: For any technical issues, account-related questions, or program inquiries, please contact our support team at Allow 24-48hrs for a response (no messages are responded to over the weekend or on holidays).
  2. No Direct Messaging: Direct Messaging of Dave, Camille, or any coach / staff member is not allowed. Use the designated channels to reach out for assistance such as the THUNDR app or appropriate Thundrbro / Alpha Babe email addresses.

Community and Social Media Discussion Boards

  1. Purpose: Use community discussion boards to:
  • Post your workouts and progress
  • Ask training questions to coaches
  • Share inspirational stories
  • Post appropriate images related to workouts and training
  • Provide support and encouragement to other members
  1. No Grievances / Complaints: Do not use community boards for grievances or complaints as they will not be addressed there. Address any concerns privately with the support team through
  2. Training Questions: Feel free to ask coaches training-related questions. Ensure your questions are clear and concise to get the best possible guidance.
  3. Inspirational Stories: Share your journey and inspire others. Your success and challenges can motivate the community.
  4. Appropriate Content: Ensure all images and content shared are related to workouts and training. Inappropriate content will be removed.

Inappropriate and Abusive Content

  1. Zero Tolerance: Inappropriate, abusive, or offensive content is strictly prohibited.
  2. Reporting: Report any such behavior to the support team immediately.
  3. Consequences:
  • First Offense: Warning and content removal
  • Second Offense: Temporary suspension from chat areas
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban from community and social media chat areas

We are committed to maintaining a safe and supportive
environment for everyone. By following these guidelines, you help create a
positive experience for all members. Thank you for being a part of the
Thundrbro / Alpha Babe community!

What is the difference between each of the programs?

Muscle Anarchy is our premium programming that is edited weekly to ensure maximum muscle gain and correct recovery times. This program has five scheduled lifts a week with each day covering a different muscle group (Legs, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms). This is our communities favorite functional hypertrophy program due to the variability of lifts and the insane pump. Along with the program, you are also added to our private Facebook group where our expert coaches answer your questions.

Our 30 Day Shred program is one of our most popular programs. In just 30 days you will get diced with our potent training and nutrition regimen. With a depletion workout and a heavy lifting session daily, the Shred program ensures a spike in metabolism and washboard abs.

The 90 Day Get Huge program is the original Thundrbro program. Designed based on time under tension and short rest periods, it will optimize muscle growth and even aerobic capacity if tempos are followed properly. This 90 Day program is 12 weeks long with 3 workouts per week. Equipment needed will typically be found at any CrossFit gym, garage gym or globo gym.

Dumbbell Anarchy is an add on to our famous Muscle Anarchy programming. With the same teachings used in Muscle Anarchy, Dumbbell Anarchy is done completely with dumbbells! With five day training splits and a private Facebook group, Dumbbell Anarchy promises to get you HUGE!

Tactical Anarchy was created with active duty members of our armed forces for those currently serving, or looking to serve. Perfect for Military Operators, Police Officers, and Fire service personnel Tactical Anarchy is for athletes looking for a killer hypertrophy program that helps build muscle, look great, and perform at the highest level.

Muscle Anarchy Express is our advanced bodybuilding system, plus functional fitness with minimal equipment. The Thundrbro functional hypertrophy system delivers killer aesthetics and functional fitness in a program designed to be done in 40 minutes!

100 Finishers that Crush program is an additive to the end of Thundrbro’s programs or at the end of a CrossFit workout. These quick-hitting finishers are designed to get a last second burnout on an isolated body part of your choice.

How long do the workouts typically take?

The average Muscle Anarchy workout lasts around 80 minutes if everything is followed as prescribed. Other programs such as our Muscle Anarchy Express program can be done in as little as 40 minutes.

Are there movement demos?

Absolutely. You can find demos in the Train Heroic app as well as on the Thundrbro YouTube channel

Which training apps are you on?

Thundrbro is available on Train Heroic and Beyond the Whiteboard currently.

What is functional hypertrophy?

Functional Hypertrophy is the ability to look like a bodybuilder and move like an athlete. No jokes about lats so big you can't tie your shoes. Functional Hypertrophy gives you an action stars body along with the ability to kick ass.

Do you have an app to track nutrition?

Not at this time, but we are working on it. In the meantime you can use MyFitnessPal or grab one of our Thundrbro Journals which allow you to track everything from training, to nutrition, sleep and so much more.

If I am short on time most days how do you suggest doing the 90 day get huge program?

Split the sessions into two days instead of cutting things out. Most days in the 90-Day Get Huge program consists of 8 different lifts. So split it up int 4 lifts one day and then 4 lifts the next.

Do you have an Ambassador Program?

We are currently in the process of revamping our program and will be launching a whole new ambassador program soon so keep an eye out.

What is premiere coaching?

Premiere Coaching is our top level offering. This is the opportunity to work with the main man Dave Lipson himself. When you work with Dave he helps you fast track your success by working with you 1-on-1 to develop your plan and keep you accountable. This is the top of the line in coaching and Dave's time is often booked out so act now to secure your spot.

Is Thundrbro for the ladies?

Short answer, hell yes! Thundrbro is made for bros and brosephinas alike. But if there is something you are looking for and can't find it check out our sister program at Feroce Fitness created by the truly amazing Camille LaBlanc-Bazinet.

Who is Thundbro built for?

Everyone can use our unique blend of hypertrophy work and functional fitness. When we built Thundrbro though it was with people like ourselves in mind. Men and women who are coming back from an injury, are aging out of athletic competition, are are not seeing their body composition going the way they want after years of banging away in the gym doing CrossFit or other high intensity trainings. Thundrbro programs can help you uncover your ideal physique, make you feel alive again, and leave you looking like a Greek god in the process.


Shoot us your questions and one of our ThundrTeam will get back to you within 24 hours