About Us



Thundrbro is a training and lifestyle brand. Our goal is to bring quality products, information, and resources to help people live optimally and bro hard! This brand was born inside a garage gym where two best buds would wake the neighborhood every morning crushing weights in epic training sessions together. Building a camaraderie and respect for each other, rooted in brotherhood, hard work, and optimal living.

The Thundrbro mission is to make the world a better place through physical training, mental toughness with a winning mindset, while elevating those around you.

Training: Thundrbro has a menu of training programs designed to fit a variety of goals, logistics, equipment, time constraints, ability levels and the-tables. All of them play on the concept of combining bodybuilding with functional fitness to bridge the gap between aesthetics and performance. Athletes can customize the right hypertrophy program, depending on the specifics of their needs. Each program is pliable with other methods of training including CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting and endurance training. 

Nutrition: At Thundrbro we have worked extensively with hundreds of clients. What we have found is that an individualized approach to nutrition typically delivers the best results because it focuses on sustainability for the individual. We directly help you apply nutrition principles to your unique lifestyle, allowing you to build healthy habits and routines that you can stick to for good!

Meet the Founder

Dave Lipson, Meet the Founder of Thundrbro
Dave Lipson is an accomplished coach, athlete, writer and founder of Thundrbro. He is a former professional baseball player, CrossFit athlete with multiple appearances as an individual at the CrossFit Games, and NPC Nationally qualified bodybuilder in heavyweight bodybuilding, classic physique and physique. He has won overalls of shows in all men's categories. Dave is an accomplished educator specializing in exercise physiology. He has written 4 books on the science of muscle hypertrophy and the training/nutrition protocols for blending aesthetics with elite human performance. His specialties include strategies for muscle and strength gain as well as cutting body fat and recomposition.