Premiere Coaching is a comprehensive Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle program designed to help you reach your goals faster and sustainably. Whether your goal is to become the ultimate Alpha Babe, enhance your performance, or build your dream physique we have you covered.

If you are tire of being stuck, have a big goal in mind, and not sure what the next step is I'm here to help.

Once we understand your goals and the result you are looking for, we create a 100% custom program together and begin working to get you there FAST.


1:1 Custom Nutrition Plan


  • Targeted nutrient timing built around your training and hormones
  • Specific food types, options and precise amounts for each meal based on your preferences
  • Full supplement plan to support results, health markers, & performance
  • Customized morning & nighttime routine to maximize recovery & vitality

1:1 Custom Training Plan

  • Individualize pre-hab routine to help maintain or develop Orthopedic health
  • Thoughtful movement selections designed to meet your needs and achieve your goals
  • Strategic macro-cycling progressions to deliver fast results

Weekly 1:1 Video Calls

  • Goal setting combined with weekly assessments & detailed tracking
  • Effective adjustments to all weekly prescriptions to keep you moving forward
  • Working together to help you navigate obstacles to success & overcome sticking points
  • Medical counseling, advocacy, & referrals

    This is your chance to take your fitness to the next level with expert guidance. Get the individualized attention you need to create the perfect plan for you and your lifestyle, with insights and referrals to make your journey a success. Be ready to turn heads and unleash your inner Thundr!

    *Link for scheduling your personal 1:1 call with Camille will be sent via email after check out*