Dumbbell Anarchy



Dumbbell Anarchy is built on the same performance bodybuilding methodology as our other programs. Using the same tempos and movements that make Muscle Anarchy so effective, but only using dumbbells and in about 60 minutes a day. Simple but devastating. 

Build muscle, look great, and perform better than ever. Thundrbro Dumbbell Anarchy bridges the gap not only between performance and aesthetics but can easily be used in perfect harmony with other fitness programs like CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Endurance Training. 



  1. Efficient 60-minute daily workouts
  2. Utilizes only dumbbells for convenience
  3. Progressive programming for continuous growth
  4. Engaging online community for support and motivation


  • Anyone looking to achieve their ideal physique
  • Injured athletes looking to rebuild a foundation of muscle
  • Anyone looking to blend serious hypertrophy training with functional fitness
  • All ability levels


Muscle Anarchy offers a unique approach to training that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring real and sustainable progress towards your goals. Say hello to a new era of performance bodybuilding where limitations are a thing of the past, and your dream physique is within reach.


Quick program answers to help you choose wisely

Are all the programs the same?

No. While they are all built with the same idea in mind, to get you jacked and fit, they are not all the same. Different programs apply the methodology in different ways.

What apps is the training on?

Thundrbro programming is available on TRAIN HEROIC and BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD. Just click the button under the program for the app you prefer and you're on your way.

What about the SHRED or 90-DAY GET HUGE?

Those are challenges and each uses our same programming. The challenges provide more support, set goals, as well as nutrition guidelines to help you achieve your goals.

I'm coming back from an injury. Is Thundrbro right for me?

Yes. Actually our 90-DAY GET HUGE is built exactly for that. Whether you are coming back from an injury, just getting started, or looking to pack on pounds of wicked strong mass the 90-DAY program is the ticket.

I do Crossfit but want to look like my favorite action stars from the 80's. Are the Anarchy programs a good fit?

Absolutely. All of our programs can be done in conjunction with other training methodologies so you can still enjoy going to CrossFit while getting huge.

What kind of equipment do I need?

That is the beauty of this program. You can do it with minimal equipment like a barbell, dumbbells, plates and squat rack. We even have a dumbbell only version available to make it even easier to get your swole on.

I have a gym. Do you offer an affiliate version?

Of course! We love our gym owners and know sometimes finding quality programming can be hard. That is why we offer Muscle Anarchy Affiliate programming. Contact us for more info and to see a sample week.

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