Top-Tier Sturdiness Paired With All-Around Gym Versatility

It takes more than just sheer willpower to destroy your PRs. The heavier the weights you work with, the more compatible you’ll want your gear to be.

We took that to heart when creating our new Hybrid Leather Weightlifting Belt.

With a design that’s constructed out of 100% premium leather, heavy-duty stitching for added reinforcement, and the unique Self-Locking™ mechanism that’s been praised by beginning athletes and professionals alike, your body can receive even more support without any compromises whatsoever.

Stabilize your abdominals, remove the strain from your lower back, and keep pushing past your limits - because this belt does it all for you and more!

  • Crafted from 100% premium leather for maximum durability
  • Uniform 6mm thick and 4-inch wide profile for top body stabilization
  • Quick-release buckle for ease of use and faster transitions
  • Self-Locking™ mechanism with Velcro strap for twice the protection
  • Infinitely adjustable for perfect pressure distribution and breathability
  • Lifetime warranty included with your purchase


Hybrid Leather Weightlifting Belt

$100.00 $59.97 Sale
Size: Extra small
Size: Extra small
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