• A NEW KIND OF WRAP: Unlike old, outdated wrist wrap designs, the Element 26 IsoWraps provide an incredible amount of wrist pain reduction and support, without severely limiting your range of motion. Developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to offer performance and comfort. Perfect for Olympic lifts, functional fitness, WODs, bench press, and all your basic movements.
  • SCAPHOID TARGETED: These lifting wraps are designed to support the scaphoid bone in the wrist, the most common point of pain and irritation in the wrist. Unlike old, 3 inch wide designs that do a terrible job of focusing on the root cause of the problem, the IsoWrap Scaph Wraps directly support the Scaphoid Bone.
  • REDUCE WRIST PAIN: By focusing only on the points of the wrist that commonly cause pain, the Element 26 IsoWraps give you all the benefits without the extra sweaty bulk. No need to worry about wrist pain anymore during your cleans, bench press, thrusters, overhead squats, or wall balls! The Element 26 IsoWraps are designed to be extremely versatile!
  • INCREASE YOUR LIFTS: With the additional stability and pain reduction, you can add more weight or reps to all your pressing, pulling, and Olympic movements. Unlike old 3” designs, the IsoWrap 1” design offers a ton of versatility for use on all your lifts, not just bench press. The perfect compliment to your most strenuous WODs.

Isowrap Wrist Wraps

$40.00 $24.97 Sale
Color: Black
Material: Suede Leather
Color: Black
Material: Suede Leather
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