Introducing the Element 26 Lifting Straps! Using premium materials that offer incredible grip to the bar, comfort, and longevity these straps are on a different level than anything else on the market. We took the traditional strap and made it better with comfort neoprene padding and a insertion guide to ensure you don't waste time figuring out which way they are supposed to go.


  • BUILT TO LAST - The Element 26 Lifting Straps have been constructed out of 100% cotton, tightly woven, to provide greater resiliency and strength overtime. You’ll notice right away the stiffness in the strap compared to many competitors. Most cotton straps are flimsy and can tear quickly from the twisting and repetitive friction against barbell knurling. The integrity of our gym straps will hold up to all your weightlifting and workout demands.
  • EASIER WRAPPING - These wrist straps have an enhanced length (~23 inches) to allow you easier single-hand wrapping and to be compatible on a variety of bars with varying thicknesses. With this enhanced length you’ll be able to wrap the strap 2-3x around a standard barbell. We have also slightly increased the width of the hole of the strap to allow the tail end to pass through more easily.
  • MORE COMFORT AND LESS PAIN - Many wrist straps for weightlifting either have no wrist padding or not enough padding. This can cause unnecessary wrist pain and discomfort. So we designed our lifting straps to provide exceptional support and comfort with high quality neoprene that’s 5mm thick to support all your heavy deadlifts and pull day workouts. Lift more weight without the pain.
  • TRAIN HARDER, LIFT MORE - The Element 26 Lifting Straps are designed for all your deadlift workouts and pull day variations. These straps are compatible with barbells, dumbbells, and specialty equipment. Developed for heavy Weightlifting, OIympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, deadlifts, rack pulls, pull ups, rows, shrugs, pull downs, and cable machines.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - With the unique placement of our neoprene padding and the length of the lifting strap itself, this strap will fit any size wrist. Whether you have a very small wrist or a much larger wrist, these wraps will fit all sizes comfortably to help you lift more weight and keep you focused on your workout.

Weight Lifting Straps

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