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If you liked the 1st Edition of this book....wait until you read this one!

We listened to your feedback and added more variety, more progression, and more resources in this RELOADED version.

This is the perfect book for you if:

  • You are coming off an injury or looking to train pain-free
  • You want to get jacked and look awesome
  • You are a CrossFitter looking to supplement your training
  • You are a beginner, advanced, or anywhere in between

In addition, we made it more efficient so you can get in and out of the gym and still get MAXIMUM results.

People will not recognize you as you go from zero to hero. Humiliate the competition at the beach and enhance aesthetics with your bros.

This Paperback book includes:

-Full 90 day pre-written training program

-Program Guidance

-Nutrition Recommendations for max muscle mass

NOTE: Hardcover copies shipped March 1st. E-book's are delivered immediately after purchase.

90 Day Get Huge Training Program - 'Reloaded' BOOK

Type: Hard Copy + E-Book
Type: Hard Copy + E-Book
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