Introducing the Shredded At Home program!

This program was developed out of a need to train with minimal equipment. How minimal? Just fucking Dumbbells. This is that “raw waking up in the morning with not a lot of time” workout. Here is the “on the road and trying to train” workout. this is for the basement hungry, early grinder, dumbbell slamming animal that is perfecting their body in their own underground laboratory.

This program is designed to be done with 2 dumbbells. Any weight between 10-50 lbs, heavier and lighter can be accommodated. This program can be done inside of your traditional “globo” gym or from the comfort of your own home, all you need is a couple of dumbbells.

Most of these workouts will have a Hypertrophy Pairing. Think of this as the main course of a meal. After that, making sure you're nice and PUMPED, the dessert is provided in the Hypertrophy Pairing. A perfect solution for fat loss and muscle gain.

This program is for all levels. All athletes looking to rebuild themselves, heal injuries, or fortify joints stand to benefit from the training. The program is as much rehabilitative as it is for gaining muscle mass and getting lean.

**Paperback INCLUDES E-Book**

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Type: E-Book