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Tactical Anarchy - Tactical AF

Welcome to Tactical Anarchy At Thundrbro we are always working on developing premiere functional hypertrophy programs to help people reclaim their thunder. Thundrbro is a nod to a time of...

Welcome to Tactical Anarchy

At Thundrbro we are always working on developing premiere functional hypertrophy programs to help people reclaim their thunder. Thundrbro is a nod to a time of movies like Commando, Rambo, and Rocky. When our action heroes were big, jacked, and badass. While we look to the past for our brand inspiration, we use cutting edge fitness science to deliver a program of truly functional hypertrophy exercises that promote gains, longevity, as well as physical and mental well being.

Tactical Anarchy was made together with real world heroes to help prepare service members and first responders for duty. It was also conceived as a way for veterans to stay fit, and often times recover from injuries, mental and physical, that they experienced serving our country. So what makes Tactical Anarchy different than our other programs? Let's get into it.

The Birth of Tactical Anarchy

Muscle Anarchy is an innovative program, blending performance and aesthetics. Our unique and effective methods attract a wide variety of athletes looking to unlock their physical potential. Within that community of thousands of athletes, we have a remarkable representation of Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. So, we set out to create a special program for these “Tactical Athletes” that would preserve magic of our program while simultaneously allowing them to specifically develop and practice the testing and demands of their duties. Working with Coach Sam a 20 year Marine and other long time service members we developed a formula that could deliver unlike any other. This conjugation of advanced bodybuilding methodologies with PT and Calisthenics progressions is our Tactical Anarchy program.

Tactical For Life

We realize that the point of building muscle is not purely aesthetic. In fact, thoughtful hypertrophy done in a more athletic way that utilizes compound functional movements is not only wildly effective but can also help athletes to use their muscular capacity in sport and life.  After all, the point of training is not to just be a “display models only.” Furthermore, for athletes chasing elite athletic capacity, our methods provide a safer alternative to high intensity CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or ballistic training that finds new ways to create intensity beyond just going heavier or faster. That’s the beauty of our formula. We build more muscle by leveraging intensification methods that are friendlier on joints yet pack a serious punch.

 Many Sides of The Same Coin

For many tactical athletes, training is on one side of the spectrum or the other. You have your PT and bodyweight ninjas that only want to do calisthenics, endurance training or CrossFit and your meathead bodybuilders that only want to get big and muscular on machines that don’t translate to athletic performance outside the gym. Additionally, when athletes age out of traditional performance training or just get too beat up from pushing intensity in one way, they put themselves out to pasture by avoiding the functional lifts because they are “too risky”. We have the answer.

The Tactical Answer

Muscle Anarchy Tactical is a beautiful blend that helps athletes get what they want and what they need. Every day starts with either an endurance or calisthenics progressions and rolls right into our killer hypertrophy complexes done with functional movements and minimal equipment, using just barbells, dumbbells and bands. If you want to unlock imposing physicality and build serious muscle but also be able to use it and crush your PT tests, THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!

 tactical anarchy sample week of training


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