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Why Muscle Anarchy is the Training Solution Most Athletes Have Been Looking For...

I created Muscle Anarchy To answer these 3 important questions… How can I continue to train hard and athletically while reducing my risk of injury? How can I continue to...

Like many of you, I love to train. I’ve been a lifelong athlete and each chapter of my life can be highlighted by different physical endeavors. When I was a kid I was in love with skateboarding, as a teenager I excelled at track and baseball. After my professional baseball career I fell in love with powerlifting and CrossFit. The one common denominator is that I find joy  and fulfillment in movement and exploring the physical capabilities of my body. My story is probably similar to many of yours. After years in the pursuit of elite fitness, I found myself in no man’s land. I was no longer making any progress and dealing with increasingly more severe injuries. To be honest with you, I found it quite discouraging. It was like having the wind taken out of my sails. I no longer felt the same excitement and drive heading into the gym. Some days, I would even call it depressing. 

To recreate yourself, you need to go through a sort of death. For me, it was letting go of some of the methodologies, goals, and rules that were intensely drilled into me during my time working for CrossFit HQ. Looking back, I can see that I was allowing myself to be peer pressured into certain goals and believing that there could only be one way to train. But necessity is the mother of invention.

Muscle Anarchy

I created Muscle Anarchy To answer these 3 important questions…

  1. How can I continue to train hard and athletically while reducing my risk of injury?
  2. How can I continue to see progress in the gym as I get older?
  3. How can I blend form and function together to bridge the gap between aesthetics and performance?

The answer I came up with was Muscle Anarchy. After immersing myself into high-level bodybuilding, I started to pick up some really cool methodologies and principles. All of them included new ways to create intensity beyond just putting more weight on the bar. I took these methods and started translating them to barbells and dumbbells using compound functional movements. The idea was to create A high-level muscle  Hypertrophy program that would still develop athleticism and general physical capacity. It’s not a bodybuilding program, it’s not a CrossFit Program, it’s something right in between. We look at functional fitness through the lens of building muscle first, without becoming a “display model only”.

Muscle Anarchy uses what is called undulating periodization. Very similar to the concept of “constantly varied”, undulating periodization cycles through different movement variations and principles on a weekly basis. This builds versatility and resilience by offering the athlete many different stressors. It solves the question of overuse injuries and movement and balances that can occur by doing the same thing each week. More importantly, it is harder to adapt to the program where most linear periodization programs have a shelf life once an athlete has accommodated to a set series of stressors. This allows athletes to stay in a program indefinitely very similar to the “conjugate method“  popular powerlifting template that utilizes the same principle. Athletes in the program should see steady and continued progress. The most common feedback we hear is the joy of being able to train hard again and see improvement without injury and setback. This is the program for you.


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