5 Common Mistakes That Are Holding You Back From Optimal Gainz

Fitness, training, and nutrition are the holy grail of life but without proper guidance they are useless

There are countless reasons why you likely aren't progressing in the gym and I could talk about this for days but instead...

Here is a list of the top five that we see the most often.

1. Doing the Wrong Exercises

When it comes to a training program’s effectiveness, movement selection is key. You need to pick high utility movements, exercises that give you a lot of “bang for your buck”. Trending circus trick exercises you see on instagram simply won’t do the trick. You need to practice and master core compound movements. These are the ones that involve the most muscle and allow you to move serious weight.

2. Taking Training Advice From That "One Guy"

Your training program should meet your needs and goals as well as be able to meet you where you are at. You are not going to pack on muscle doing tons of Cardio, CrossFit, or Boot Camp Class. You need to have a consistent thought out plan that you are able to execute on a regular basis. If your program is too hard, if it takes too long, if you keep getting injured, or if the architecture of the program is designed for elite athletes only, it is likely to miss the mark.

3. Inconsistently Training

When it comes to real visible progress, compliance is the science and consistency is key! If you are all over the place, program hopping, taking a hiatus from working out or never really getting into the groove…it is hard to get anywhere. Having a plan you enjoy, that you know works, and that lines up with your goals is key.

4. Doing The Same Thing And Expecting A Different Result

Your body is an incredible machine that is designed to do one thing…survive. The stress of physical training is a stimulus your body will quickly adapt to. If you stay on the same routine, continue lifting the same weights, or refuse to challenge yourself you will very quickly plateau. Not to mention you are always changing. What worked for you before won’t necessarily work again. As you evolve, so should your program

5. Not Living The Fitness Lifestyle

Training is awesome, but your diet and lifestyle will have an equal if not great impact on your result. You can't outtrain a bad diet and lifestyle. Having nutritional guidance, resources and coaching is huuuuuge! It is the difference making game changer that can take you from good to great. Make sure you are part of a community that embodies not just a workout but an entire lifestyle.

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